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Electronic invoice and stamps-duties

Main features

Easy handling

We created a fully customizable interface, made to optimize and facilitate the online electronic invoice process by saving time on the checkout.

Without using eFactu.

Infallible connection

We have the highest reliability standards, to provide an excellent stamping service, which is certified by the Tax Administration Service (Sistema de Administración Tributaria).


Our system reduces the operation processing waste, achieving lower costs and higher productivity.

Not generated invoices by the customer are gathered and can be invoiced in a single document.

Our invoice solution, makes hotels, restaurants and other business management easier,even with multiple locations by having each process available, in a secure, efficient and trustworthy single platform.

Our invoicing system achieves the following:

  • Become a development engine for small and medium enterprises
  • Reduce operation waste
  • Facilitate and create a fully customizable adaptive invoicing process
  • Simplify billing management by bringing all together into a single interface
  • Standardize the opening of new markets
  • Guarantee that the operation remains adjusted to stabilized processes
  • Avoid any mishap in the invoicing process
  • Have an organized invoicing control
  • Faster checkout. Giving the guest the option to use CFDI or not
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Nunsam has the necessary standards and authorizations to offer an excellent invoice service for companies that need electronic invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer trial periods?

No, we do not offer trial periods, but we gladly make a demonstration of our system.

Does your system is only for big companies?

No, one of our objectives is to promote small and medium businesses; regardless the size of the business.

Do I need my own server?

No, it is not necessary to have your own servers.We offer solutions according to your needs.

Do you handle some type of contract?

Yes, indeed, our contract satisfies the concerns and requirements of our customers.

Other services


Invoice systems development

At Nunsam we do not only offer electronic invoicing for hotels and restaurants, but we also develop the ideal invoicing system for your type of business.

APP development

We develop software tailored to the needs of your company.


Invoice Kiosk

Implementation of invoice kiosk.


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Remolino 119, 01710 Ciudad de México, CDMX